Duo Stands

Heavy duty four leg height adjustable style pipe stands

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The Duo is height adjustable and uses quick change style heads. Designed for large diameter pipe rotation and feeding. With lock brakes on the wheels to secure the load for marking layout or fit-up.

Now supplied with folding legs as standard for ease of use and transport

Features and Advantages

  • Weight certified to 2,400kg
  • Folding legs for ease of transport and storage
  • Self Centering head adjustment from either side
  • Height adjustable 29" - 43" (74cm-109cm)
  • 1/2 to 48" (12-900MM) pipe diameter capacity
  • Quick height adjustment with additional fine
    thread for workpiece levelling
  • ‘Trued’ wheels eliminate ‘corkscrewing’ of pipe
    during rotation
  • No chance of arcing due to bronze wheel bearings
  • Lockable wheels to fix pipe in postion 
  • Safety pins to lock stand at working height


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